Cersan Elevator was established in Istanbul in 1994 to carry out elevator maintenance, repair and assembly. About Us. Today our firm has become an expert in electric and hydraulic elevators that are used in the country and abroad in human, gurney, cargo and service services; and escalators, construction inside the buildings and outside the buildings and extreme project that require well construction. It has sufficient competence to carry out the conventional and innovative demands of the customers in accordance with the quality standards of TSE-CE and ISO. Our firm is in the Emlak Housing, TOKI and Kiptaş projects and there are foundations, educational institutions, holdings and affiliated construction companies, hotels and automotive companies among its customers. Cersan makes all kinds of standard elevators in the country and abroad, and does risk analyses and project designs in those projects that have non-standard elevator shafts. Our firm has seen the insufficiency in realizing projects in which there are non-standard elevator shafts in the sector and it has aimed at filling this gap in the sector by using its expert staff, supplier partners and its assembly experience of 20 years. By following the technology closely with the special class of elevators, which we have produced in the recent years, we have added elevators with 220 m course and 4 m/sec speed for the TV tower in Azerbaijan which has a height of 310 meters. Our goal is to become a leader in our sector by using the developing technology and expanding our market share.

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